Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

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When used in the context of a traffic citation, failure to maintain financial responsibility means that a driver is not insured or has failed to provide proof of insurance.

Failure to maintain financial responsibility in Fort Worth can be a serious offense, especially if multiple citations stack up, at which point your driver’s license will be suspended. Also, as an aside, a lack of insurance will make you personally responsible for any accident that you are shown to be at fault for.

If you were issued a citation for lacking auto insurance, but you were in fact covered and merely lacked the proof of insurance at the time, you may be able to dismiss the citation granted you act quickly. If you can prove you had insurance at the time of the citation within fifteen (15) days, the judge may dismiss your citation. The following information would be required:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of the insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Date the policy became effective and expiration date
  • Name and address of each person on the policy
  • Policy limits or a statement from the insurance company that complies with the minimum amounts of liability insurance required for that particular vehicle
  • Make, model, and year of each covered vehicle

If you need any help with such a citation, just call Hawkins & Walker – we have experience helping people with no car insurance tickets in Fort Worth; our attorneys know how frustrating it can be, and have practical experience with cases like this.

If you can’t present proof of insurance at the time of the citation, there may still be options available to you; call us for a free initial consultation so that we may help you determine your options.

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