Speeding tickets are the most common traffic citations issued in Texas and the most common type of tickets that we handle. If you received a speeding ticket, your first thought may be to just pay the ticket and be done with it - this is a mistake that may have some severe financial consequences. When you pay a speeding ticket, the court will enter a conviction that will appear on your driving record.

Speeding ticket convictions will usually result in two points on your record unless the alleged speed is less than 10% over the posted speed limit. An accumulation of too many points may lead to surcharges and a suspension of your Texas drivers license. Convictions can also be used by your insurance company to increase your premiums, which can be as high as $586 per year. Finally, if you have a commercial driver's license (CDL) or you drive for a living, a speeding ticket may put your job in jeopardy. These "hidden costs" of a speeding ticket can cost you thousands of dollars and affect you for years. As you can see, a single speeding citation can cost you thousands. If you just pay your fine, you may face higher insurance premiums, points, surcharges, a license suspension and may even put your job in jeopardy!  


As you can see from the "hidden costs," a speeding citation can become VERY expensive. The experienced traffic ticket attorneys at Hawkins & Walker, PC have handled thousands of speeding tickets and we have solutions to either get an speeding ticket dismissed outright or reduce or eliminate the penalties above.

Defenses to speeding tickets vary based on the state's evidence. For example, a speeding ticket often results from an officer using a radar or lidar (lazer) device in which case the officer has to use the equipment properly and the equipment must be in proper working order. In other cases, an officer may pace prior to writing a ticket in which case there may be issues with the officer's vehicle and whether the officer maintained a proper distance. There may also be issues with whether the speed was reasonable at the time of the violation even if the speed exceeded the posted speed limit. These defenses, and more, can be explored to seek a dismissal or an offer to keep the speeding ticket off of your record. Even if you believe you are guilty, you should fight a speeding ticket to keep it off of your record to avoid the "hidden costs" that come with a conviction. 

If we cannot get the ticket dismissed, we can usually get a deferred disposition (probation) offer that will keep the ticket off of our record (this is not available to CDL holders). In most cases, the prosecutor will lower fines and waive probation fees when we negotiate speeding tickets. This means we can usually save you money on your ticket and in most cases we can handle the speeding ticket without you having to come to court. In other cases, we can get deferred disposition offers on cases where the speed exceeds the limits of what the prosecutor will normally offer probation. If you were issued other tickets with the speeding violation, in many cases we can get one or more of your tickets dismissed outright as part of a plea bargain.

If you have a CDL, you are not eligible for deferred disposition to have your ticket dismissed but we may have other ways to avoid points or get the ticket dismissed depending in the jurisdiction. This includes speed reductions, pre-trial diversion programs and citations swaps. We cannot keep all speeding tickets off of your record if you have a CDL but we do have a good success rate depending on where the ticket was issued and the whether you were driving a commercial vehicle.

When you consider the value of your time and the potential savings in both a fine reduction and avoiding the "hidden costs" of a speeding ticket, the traffic ticket attorneys at Hawkins & Walker typically pay for themselves many times over. 

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